Web Design

Web Design

We specialize in web design and have serviced more than 100 clients for their web design requirements.

There are several technologies involved and we offer the latest and the best that suits a customer’s requirement. We keep updating and adding to our skill set, so that customer gets the best value for money.

Making a website work for different browsers and different resolutions is a real challenge.

We follow W3C standards and ensure that our designs are such that all the users see the same color and designs properly.

One of the important aspects of web design is a continuous interaction with the client. We interact as often it is needed and take approval at every stage, so that customer is able to feel the final outcome of the design even at early stages. This results in complete satisfaction of the client and avoids rework, which results in quick turn-around and saves money.

We have several models of the designs, which will fit the budget of the client or time constraint.

We also show a growth path through website for the clients so that they can make good use of the website and go on adding features as and when they can afford and are ready.

Software Made Easy will also design personalized package filled with all the options clients require and make sure that the method of developing the website is quick, interactive, friendly and exciting.

If you are looking for innovative and creative designs, you have come to the right people.

Click here to see some of our designs.

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To know about our standard packages and costing, register your request here.


Web Application

Web Application

Web applications are programs that are accessed using a web browser. They are installed in a server and accessed from a client computer. The server can be on the internet or it can be locally within the premises on a Local Area Network.

The advantages of web application are, they can be accessed from anywhere and they are available 24 X7. Any update done on the server program will enable all users to see the same immediately.

We not only do web design with some Forms and other simple features like most of the web design Companies. We also develop full fledged web applications. This makes us one of the preferred vendors, since we can handle both web design and application development. By this you can save lot of your effort of coordinating with two agencies.

In one go, you get excellent functionality with pleasing graphics and usability.

We have developed many applications like Contract Management System, Shopping Cart, Customer Alert, Advertisement Control, Dealership Management etc.

Suppose you have done the development and you want us to improve only the User Interface, we will do that also.

Suppose you have the UI designed by someone else and want us to build the application around that, we will do it as well.

To see more details on Web Application Development click here.


Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Many web design Companies will do only web design. They will not provide any other service. This puts the customers in a plight. They have to handle the hosting themselves or approach a service provider or another agent who will interact with a hosting service provider. So, you end up either doing it yourself or handling two agencies.

Software Made Easy is a ONE STOP SHOP for all your web needs.

We handle the hosting also apart from design. We identify the right platform, get the hosting done in a reliable server and handle all the communications related to hosting, renewal, maintenance etc. You are totally relieved from all the headaches and technicalities and mail correspondence related to hosting.

  • We recommend you and help you in deciding the right domain name.
  • We set up email ids and get you the best deals that come along with domain name registration and hosting.
  • We set up the website, upload, backup and update.
  • We take care of expiry dates and alert you at the right time.
  • We set up blog for you to start using it without worrying how to set up.
  • We set up other plug-ins which are available, when needed.
  • We use high secure passwords to protect the website from attacks.
  • We set up Site Analytics for you to evaluate the website’s performance.

If you have a hosting requirement, please contact us.


Ecommerce Solution

Ecommerce Solution

As a quality Web design, Web application development and Internet marketing company, Software Made Easy understands today's business world and offers user friendly ecommerce solution for all kinds of business needs. Ecommerce shortens the sales cycle and help companies reach out to global customers.

Software Made Easy specializes in customized ecommerce packages which can be edited as per specific requirements of client which will be cost effective. In today's competitive world, having just a website, doesn't help. A well designed, user-friendly ordering process and a secure transaction can increase the business effectively.

Under ecommerce solution, you can have the following features and many more..

  1. To create a product catalog with multiple photos
  2. To upload or to modify the product details and images anytime
  3. Advertise offers/discounts on website
  4. Customised layouts
  5. Acquire new customers and prospects
  6. Engage customers and maintain a relationship to get repeat business

Improve your business with our search engine friendly shopping cart solution and payment gateway integration which will allow your web site to securely receive payments through Net Banking, Credit or Debit cards and Mobile Banking.

If you want to start with a simple solution, you can have only the Order Engine and handle the payments offline. As a further step, you can add online bank payments directly to your bank account without a Payment Gateway saving the transaction charges. Once your business grows or you are targeting international markets, you can add a Payment Gateway and handle credit and debit cards.

Software Made Easy team will be always available for technical support once you sign up with us for ecommerce solution. Do contact us for your Ecommerce solution requirement.


Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

It is important to have a website… but it is more important that people visit to see it!

The purpose of website was only information in the earlier days. With the booming of internet technologies and broadband connections and access through mobile devices, the role of a website has changed drastically.

It is very important that you increase the traffic to your website and thereby generate more leads for your business and eventually convert them to orders for your product or service.

Software Made Easy not only designs websites, but also provides all the services needed to increase traffic to the website. These are known as Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Marketing and so on.

Search Engine Registration

By this, we ensure that when people search with your domain name, your website shows up in different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing , Ask and others.

Search Engine Optimization

This will help your website to show up, when people search with certain search (key) words, in the top listing. This will get you measurable traffic and leads.


Pay Per Click is a Google advertisement scheme, where you pay for every time a visitor clicks for your website. The website information will be shown in the side of the search results for certain keywords, which you can decide - effective for quick results and focused campaign.

Google Adsense

Place Google Ads in your website and get money when visitors click on these advertisements. Google will control these advertisements. One way to earn money without spending money.


Blog writing helps to show off your expertise in your field and drive traffic to your website. We help you set up, write and maintain blogs.

Social Media Marketing

FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc have become great marketing mechanisms due to new-age marketing. People’s opinions and recommendations matter most, in current world and you can expect some surprises when your campaign brings good returns.

You get all these from one place.. Software Made Easy. If you are interested, ask for more information.


Web Maintenance

Web Maintenance

Web Maintenance is an important part of managing your website. It requires lot of interaction and understanding and patience. Software Made Easy understands that. Once you assign the maintenance to us, you will be mentally free to focus on your business and important activities.

Our website support service acts as your single contact for anything to do with your website. We will see to it, that your domain name and hosting will be renewed well in advance before its expiry date so that your site will not be down and there will not be any break in your email service.

Having us as part of your team means web maintenance is just a phone call or an email away. Sounds good?

Click here to add us as your Web Partner to maintain your website.

Software Made Easy will cover all the following under web maintenance:

  1. Renewal of domain name, hosting and email packages
  2. Website update (Can be a single page text / a photo gallery / product or service updates / integrate new features / enhancing your website's functionality etc.)
  3. Adding customized advertisements in websites
  4. Cleanup of virus attacks, if at all it happens
  5. Addition and deletion of email ids
  6. Conversion of existing design to responsive design and making it more interactive ( optional at extra cost)

As a quality Web design, Web application development and Internet marketing company, we put lot of effort to make sure that our client's requirements are met at the best. We will be there as back-end support for your web site.

Do contact us to make us your web partner.


Multimedia Solution

Multimedia Solution

For Corporate Presentations

Multimedia solutions are the best way to showcase your Company.

We create wonderful Corporate Presentations in Flash Technology or Power Point presentation with animations, voice and background music. Depending on your budget and need, there are several options available.

We have consultant Photographers, who can capture the profiles of top management team, products, and facilities shooting. If you need a photographer please register your requirement here. Please allow sufficient time for quality production of the presentation.

For other requirements

We also provide solutions for podcasts (audio) or video blogs and creation of video presentation of your software or engineering products.

We can create this in different file formats and suitable for YouTube.

If you want to discuss about creation of video presentations of your business, please contact using this form.

Typical Presentations

Builders and Promoters - Buildings, various stages, floor plan, location, walk through, model home

Jewelers - Product and design showcasing

Handicrafts manufacturer – Product and design showcasing

Interior Designers - Design showcasing

Software Product Companies - Product demo, screens and features

Mulitinational Companies – Corporate presentation, people, specialties, market segments

Market Research Companies - Research reports, Analytics

Travel agencies - Tourist places, facilities

Hospitality industry - Hotel facilities, testimonials

Hospitals – Branding and facilities, testimonials

Cooking – Food preparation

Engineering Industries - Instructional videos for Training, Servicing and Maintenance

Education - Teaching aids and course videos

Online Help manuals - "How to" Videos

See a sample video here.


Print Design

Print Design

Many times, the graphic design is needed as both web version and print version. You need a logo, that will look great when seen in print as well in your website.

Website is a part of your marketing strategy and so does the printed collaterals. Certain sections of the web, you would like to enable the visitor to download and see offline, or store for future reference as PDF file.

There are e-newsletters that may be delivered both as a web version and as a PDF version. And there are purely print versions like menu cards, business cards, brochures and catalogs.

We have print design specialists too, in our graphic design team. So, if you have any print design requirements, do contact us.

To see some of our designs, click here.